M.Sc(Maths), Jul 1997 - May 1999 , Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya,  India

PGDCA, 2001, Madhya Pradesh, India

About Me

Real time two-way audio and video interactive classes on whiteboard using digital pen tablet.

I am a highly qualified and experienced online tutor, teaching Maths and Hindi. I have taught more than 7000 sessions too and have more than 100 students worldwide. I teach home schooling students also. I teach students of all ages from 3 years to 99 years old.

I teach all topics in Maths including Basic maths, pre algebra, algebra, arithmetic, geometry, pre calculus, calculus, probability, statistics etc.

I also teach any curriculum including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, KS1, KS2, KS3 etc.

I teach Hindi language (beginner, intermediate, advanced levels).

Teaching and learning on digital whiteboard gives you the benefit of real time interaction. You can write, draw, chat, audio, video etc. in real time. Scheduling of classes can be flexible.

All your sessions are recorded which enables you to review any time at any place.

So, to have a friendly, interactive and encouraging learning experience for Maths and Hindi, Please contact me.

Our Process

Experience the nishaetutor Difference

Unlike some tutoring services, nishaetutor treats each student like a unique individual. We know that every child, teenager, and adult has different learning styles, and that all thinking caps can be tailored. That is why we talk with you and your child to develop a program that fits their specific needs and learning abilities. Our process is unique, focusing on the student’s areas of weakness and approach to learning

Our tutoring services have helped more than 100 people around the globe. How do we do this? We continually implement the best strategies and techniques for students to grow and develop their academic abilities. More than that, we implement our proven process to ensure your investment in your child’s education is maximized.

Our process includes the following steps



We start with a free consultation where we can assess your child’s needs and create a customized program for their academic goals.


Demo Session

We give 1 hour free demo session.



Personalized tutoring involves a curriculum designed for each specific student. That means your child will get help with homework and assistance filling in the gaps so they are confident in the classroom.



We’re with you every step of the way. We make sure to follow up on our services, keeping your family in the loop and checking in regularly with monthly session reports on how your child is doing.

How It Works

Our Journey Begins

The Road Ahead

Our Journey Begins

You are unique and I respect that. When you come to me, I make it a point to understand your specific academic needs and goals first. And then I give you the one on one attention you deserve so you can reach for the stars.

The Road Ahead

I start with Diagnostic Initial Evaluation Test. It helps me to get to know you better by identifying your skill levels. I then set your benchmark, decide which one method of learning best suits you and off we go. I will guide you all the way to those high test scores and better grades. I have lots of worksheets and pdf books. I use a virtual whiteboard.


Daily sessions $15/hour (20 session/month = $300)

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